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Soft Shell Crab Tacos

Created by: The Brentwood
Location: Los Angeles’ Westside
Price: $28.50

The Brentwood restaurant has served the culinary needs of Los Angeles’ Westside clientele since 1999. Its menu includes every comfort food conceivable, from burgers and fries to macaroni and cheese, and everything in between. However, just because they serve comfort food, don’t expect to be presented with a $10 check from your server when you’re done eating.

The Brentwood is located in one of the most upscale areas in the U.S., so the food is priced accordingly. On the menu, a $28.50 fish taco sits alongside a $24.50 plate of fried chicken and a $16.50 shrimp cocktail. At one point, the restaurant offered a filet mignon taco sold for $38.50, but sadly it no longer appears on their menu.

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