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A brief history of interrupting public figures

A protester jumps on the table in front of the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi during a news conference in Frankfurt, April 15, 2015.

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Mario Draghi heckled onstage

A protester briefly disrupted a Wednesday press conference with European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, jumping up on the table in front of Draghi while wearing a shirt calling for the end of the "ECB dick-tatorship."

The protester also appeared to dump white paper confetti on the central bank chief.

Security wrestled the woman away, and she was reportedly removed from the premises.

Draghi's onstage interruption is not unique. Ridiculing public figures at important moments is a long-standing tradition, and rushing the stage, heckling, even throwing a pie in the face are all favored tactics of protestors. Here are some memorable interruptions.

By Paul Toscano and Robert Ferris
Updated April 15, 2015

Ralph Orlowski | Reuters