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Arbiter Says Kodak Didn't Infringe Apple Patents

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The U.S. arbiter for trade disputes has rejected Apple's claims that photography pioneer Kodak violated Apple's patents covering digital camera technology.

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Eastman Kodak's stock rose 2 percent to $2.57 Tuesday morning following the U.S. International Trade Commission's ruling late Monday.

It affirmed a judge's May decision that Kodak's technology doesn't infringe on Apple's patent rights and that one of the two patents in dispute is invalid.

The ruling comes weeks after the commission kept open Kodak's case against Apple and another smartphone maker, Research In Motion.

A judge had ruled in January that the iPhone and the BlackBerry do not violate Kodak's patent.

On appeal, the commission asked the judge to take another look.

Kodak hopes to get up to $1 billion in royalties if it prevails.