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Danielle Chiesi's Crazy Press Conference

Danielle Chiesi
Rick Maiman | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Danielle Chiesi just gave one of the weirdest post-sentencing press conferences a convict has ever given.

Dressed in a form-fitting, scoop-necked pink dress, Dani—as her lawyer called her—seemed to dance back and forth, posing for the cameras, pursing her lips, bating her heavily made-up eyes. She was basically flirting with the assembled press.

"I told the FBI if they're ever going to knock on my door again, do it in the afternoon," she said. Then she leaned way back and smiled broadly at her lawyer. "Avoid me at six o'clock in the morning."

Danielle Chiesi Sentenced to 30 Months

She had a bit of a point there. It had been hard to put together the supposed seductress that could bend men to do her insider-trading bidding with the somewhat haggard-looking woman the police frog-marched into jail. But with the Chiesi on display Wednesday, suddenly this became a lot more plausible.

Sure you had to wonder if she had perhaps mixed a few too many anti-anxiety pills with too much vodka. But there was a certain cuteness to her, in an Anne Bancroft playing Mrs. Robinson after a few too many cocktails sort of way.


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