Funny Business with Jane Wells

Look Alive, Even When You're Not

Funeral pre-planning is a big business. Choose your casket or urn, your plot, your funeral music.

Your make-up.


In what is being called a "final act of self-expression", a London funeral home is teaming up with a British make-up brandto allow people to decide what make-up they'd like to wear while in their open casket.

Call it Extreme Makeover: the Final Edition.

Funeral home Leverton & Sons has contracted with make-up artists from Illamasqua to provide professional makeup consulting while you're still breathing and then apply the makeup after you've stopped. As the appropriately named Last Look Blogsays, "Lord knows you're gonna need some bronzer".

The service starts at $720, which is a lot for make-up. Though, in this case, you won't be leaving a tip.

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