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Homes With Celebrity Pedigrees

It comes up with regularity in stories involving celebrity homes: casual mentions that other celebrities have lived in the same house. People reports that Renee Zellwegger sold two adjoining apartments in New York, and the buyer was Leelee Sobieski. Or take this story in The Sun, where Noel Gallagher of Oasis facetiously said that he’s selling his Ibiza house, which was once owned by musician/ producer Mike Oldfield, because he can’t stand the thought of his neighbor James Blunt making terrible music so close by. (This anecdote includes a bonus famous neighbor.) Celebrity, celebity, celebrity!

Why does this happen? Are there Realtors catering exclusively to famous people? The explanations are much more mundane than the mansions. For one thing, these are typically very expensive properties and people with millions to spend on a home (or second home, or third) are much more likely to be famous. So are their guests, who might end up liking the area so much they get their own property there. Or they might eventually buy the house they’re visiting themselves.

At any rate, having a celebrity-studded pedigree certainly adds to the mystique and cachet of a property when it’s on the market, such as many of the following homes, most of which were suggested by Realtor.com, including one from Trulia.com.

By Colleen KanePosted July 21, 2011

Photo: Eric Audras | Getty Images