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Getting Ready To Sing The National Anthem At Rays Game

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A couple months ago I let it be known on my Twitter feed: I wanted to sing the National Anthem in a Major League stadium.

The offers came in.

The Dodgers, the White Sox, the Pirates, the Tigers and the Tampa Bay Rays.

All the teams tempted me with different opportunities. The Pirates said they would get Huey Lewis, who was supposed to sing for a game against the Mets, to step out of the way and let me sing it. He had to get ready for the postgame concert anyway. The Tigers told me they'd give me the full Motown experience, a tutorial from the Four Tops.

But it was the Rays who ultimately gave me the best offer. A full social media day, a Tweet up with fans and the National Anthem of course, including the Canadian one (yes, they are playing the Blue Jays). The fact that the Rays are still known to many as Wall Street's team — with their owner and top executives coming from Goldman Sachs — made it more compelling to our CNBC audience.

So why do I want to do this? Because I think it's just something in life you have to do once. And I've been itching to do it since my dad sang at a Cleveland Cavaliers game.

The date is August 4th and I hope to see some of you there in person. Here are all the detailsfor those of you who might be able to make it.

The others will have to watch on TV — we'll have highlights of my singing performance on CNBC soon after.

If you want to hear my tryout for the Mets, click here

Have to go practice. I don't really want this to set the record for YouTube hits.

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