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Rooms With a View

Whether on vacation or on the real-estate market, consumers will often shell out more cash to enjoy a beautiful view—especially when that view is well known. It can be a point of pride to have an iconic vista or landmark visible through your home’s windows, and when a house is on the market, views become a selling point.

The first thing the casual browser is likely to notice is that the majority of the following selections are urban. There are, of course, famous views elsewhere, but in the case of landmarks such as Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, a Yellowstone geyser or Niagara Falls, no one’s putting up housing developments nearby. In densely populated urban settings, your view is quite likely to be another building, dark alley, or airshaft, so an appealing famous view will command more money on the market.

What follows are 11 houses for sale that feature famous views, most of them suggested by Realtor.com and Zillow.com, ranked in order from the lowest price to the highest.

By Colleen KanePosted July 26, 2011

Photo: George Diebold | Stone | Getty Images