CNBC's Small Business Council


Small businesses are a significant driver of the American economy—providing jobs, innovation, and growth.

The CNBC Small Business Council, an exclusive group of 16 executives, provides insight about the challenges and opportunities facing small business owners in a variety of industries and sectors.

CNBC Small Business Council

Every day, they're on the front lines of capitalism, dealing with issues ranging from hiring and health care to credit and debt to taxes and regulation.

These entrepreneurs represent a wide range of businesses, including retail, manufacturing, construction, energy, technology, and banking. They employ between 26 and 450 people and generate between $400,000 and 1.1 billion in annual revenue.

Will one of them become the next Caterpillar, Google, or Wal-Mart? Only time will tell.

Here are the 16 CNBC Small Business Council members. Look for them on-air and online.

Cristi Cristich

Cristi Cristich, Founder and CEO of Cristek Interconnects
Industry: Manufacturing
Sector: High Tech Components

Revenue: 2010: $13.1 Million
Employees: 120

Manufacturer of electro mechanical assemblies and components used in smart weapons, space applications and biomedical devices.

Beezer Molten

Beezer Molten, Owner and President of Half-Moon Outfitters
Industry: Retail
Sector: Outdoor Leisure

Revenue: 2010: $12.1 Million
Employees: 116

Eight retail stores and an online destination catering to outdoor, adventure and travel enthusiasts.

David Greenspan

David Greenspon, President and Owner of Competitive Edge Advertising Specialty Manufacturing Company
Industry: Manufacturing
Specialty Branding
Revenue: 2010: $26.7 Million
Employees: 130

Manufacturer and distributor of custom promotional products, awards and apparel for corporate, government, and non-profit companies.

Justin Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of Axcient
Industry: Technology
Sector: Software & Data Management

Revenue: 2010: $4 Million
Employees: 40

Provider of data backup, business continuity and recovery services to small and medium sized businesses.

Larry Mocha

Larry Mocha, President of Air Power Systems Company
Industry: Manufacturing
Sector: Pneumatics

Revenue: 2010: $5.5 Million
Employees: 27

Manufacturer of pneumatic air cylinder controls and valves for the mobile, truck equipment, and automotive markets. 

Joseph Brakohiapa

Joseph Brakohiapa, President and CEO of Clean Power FinanceIndustry: Energy
Sector: Alternative Energy Software & Management

Revenue: 2010: $1.4 Million
Employees: 30

Provider of software platforms and financing for solar projects to installers, manufacturers and distributors.

Madelyn Alfano

Madelyn Alfano, Owner and President of Maria's Italian Kitchen
Industry: Restaurant and Hospitality
Sector: Specialty Dining

Revenue: 2010: $18.1 Million
Employees: 450

Chain of ten privately owned authentic Italian restaurants.

Ronald Barnes

Ronald T. Barnes, Chairman of Midwest BankCentre
Industry: Banking
Sector: Community Banking

Total Assets: 2010: $1.1 Billion
Employees: 198

Seven full-service community banks that primarily serve the needs of small businesses.

David Greiner

David Greiner, President of Greiner Buick GMC
Industry: Automotive
Sector: Dealer

Revenue: 2010: $33.4 Million
Employees: 61

Automotive dealership that sells new and pre-owned vehicles and is a distributor of wholesale parts and accessories.

Marc Schupan

Marc Schupan, President and CEO of Schupan & Sons
Industry: Recycling
Sector: Metals & Plastics

Revenue: 2010: $230 Million
Employees: 380

Distributor and fabricator of metal and plastic products, industrial scrap metal processor and marketer of recyclable beverage containers.

Joseph Anfuso

Joseph Anfuso, President of Florsheim Homes LLC
Industry: Homebuilding
Sector: Residential Construction

Revenue: 2010: $20.8 Million
Employees: 22

Regional homebuilding and development company specializing in entry level, first-time buyer homes.

Mitch Free

Mitch Free, Chairman and CEO of
Industry: Manufacturing Services
Sector: B to B Collaboration

Revenue: 2010: $20 Million
Employees: 175

Online global sourcing platform that connects buyers and suppliers of manufacturing services.

Joseph Dutra

Joseph Dutra, President and CEO of Kimmie Candy Company
Industry: Specialty Foods
Sector: Candy Manufacturing

Revenue: 2010: $2.8 Million
Employees: 26

Manufacturer and distributer of panned candies to domestic and international markets.

Ric Cabot

Ric Cabot, Owner and Founder of Darn Tough VermontIndustry: Manufacturing
Sector: Specialty Retail

Revenue: 2010: $4.2 Million
Employees: 101

Domestic manufacturer of all weather performance socks for the outdoor specialty market.

Brandon Fisher

Brandon Fisher, Founder and President of Center Rock, Inc.

Industry: Manufacturing
Sector: Drilling, Mining and Construction Services

Revenue 2010: $20 Million
Employees: 75

Manufacturer and distributor of drilling tools and products used by domestic and international drilling, oil and gas, mining and construction contractors.

Farid Virani

Farid Virani, President and CEO of Prime Communications
Sector: Digital Products and Services

Revenue 2010: $131 Million
Employees: 1000

Authorized Retailer of AT&T products & services including mobile phones, digital TV and Internet.

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