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Mobile Internet

China's mobile internet industry is booming, growing much faster than rates seen in many developed countries around the world. China is set to surpass one billion mobile connections by May 2012, according to a report by Wireless Intelligence.

About 22 percent of urban Chinese mobile phone users browsed the Internet on their phones at least once a week in 2010, that's up from 15 percent in 2009. Not bad for a mobile phone market that boasts 770 million total users and 318 million users with Internet-enabled mobile phones.

Another rapidly growing trend is instant messaging services, such as MSN Messenger and QQ. Just 1 percent of the population used instant messaging on their mobile phones in 2008, but two years later the number jumped to 15 percent.

Leading the trend are urban youth, with 41 percent using web browsing on their phones in 2010, compared to 29 percent in the year before.

Finnish company Nokia dominates the Chinese mobile market, but is starting to face stiff competition from Apple and Samsung, while domestic brands such as HTC, Huawei, and ZTE also have significant brand recognition in China.

Photo: Getty Images