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Homes of the Notorious

Regardless of whether a controversy occurred recently or decades in the past, it’s often difficult for the famous and infamous parties involved to shake a headline-making scandal. No category of celebrity is immune to a juicy scandal. But while some of the subjects recover and carry on in their chosen fields (this seems easier for entertainers), others are ruined—and one evildoer is cooling his once-well-heeled heels in jail.

The following selection of homes includes the residences of ex-governors and other politicians, entertainers from stage and screen as well as an athlete. Their notorious incidents include betrayal, corruption, theft, philandering, offensive slurs, drinking and drug abuse, and violent behavior.

Most of these homes (with information and photos provided by Zillow.com) are on the real estate market, or they were recently. The real estate listings don’t come with a caveat, but we’ll tack one on here: The buyer is responsible for exorcizing any karmic residue.

By Colleen Kane
Posted July 28, 2011

Nicole Hill | Rubberball Productions | Getty Images