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Yeeeehaw! Buy This Wild West Town for $799,000

There are a lot of great real estate bargains on the market right now but this one takes the cake — You can buy an entire town for $799,000.


That would buy you a one-bedroom apartmentin Manhattan but here in Scenic, South Dakota (that’s the real name) it buys you 46 acres, according to the official listing, including a post office, convenience store, saloon, dance hall, museum, a historic train depot, two homes (one stick built, one modular) and two jails (one working, one not). It comes with stunning views of “prairie” and “meadow” according to the listing. (See photos)

Scenic used to be a booming Wild West town and it’s owned by a real, live cowgirl and former rodeo star, Twila Merrill. If you don’t believe that last part, check the official listing — — which includes a link to her being honored by the Cowgirl Hall of Famein 2006.

Alas, every cowgirl knows when to hang up her hat and let the next rodeo star mount the horse. Merrill isn’t in the best of health so she and her daughter have put the town up for sale, hoping someone will come and breath new life into it.

Town for Sale!

Maybe someone in Hollywood will buy it and turn it into a set for western films or a reality series. Maybe someone could turn it into a Wild West museum town to rival Colonial Williamsburg.

Of course, it would make a perfect gift for that lady who has everything. Imagine the day-after anniversary conversation: He bought me a whole town!

Whoever buys it, let’s hope they heed the advice Merrill relayed in a recent interview:

“There’s not a horse that can’t be rode but there ain't a cowgirl that can’t be throwed.”

Longhorn Saloon in Scenic, South Dakota

Well said, Miss Twila. Well said.


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