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Best Summer Job. Ever.

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I know the economy is terrible, the South Carolina delegation is irresponsible, the yields on the Treasurys coming due next week are exploding.

But as long as this guy still has a job, things can't really be all that bad.

From Jo Piazza's fantastic article in the WSJ:

By 11 a.m. on a recent sweltering Sunday, Harrison Anastasio had already collected the cellphone numbers of five bikini-clad women on the rooftop pool at the James New York Hotel.

“Don’t forget to text me,” one of the women whispered to the 17-year-old, flashing him a coy smile. Anastasio colored slightly beneath his Wayfarer sunglasses. But he wouldn’t forget. Though it sounds like the setup for a 1980s sex comedy, it’s his job.

Anastasio, a rising senior at Edward R. Murrow High School, is one of two attendants at the James hotel’s rooftop deck, where he’s paid $15 an hour to supervise the four-foot deep pool, serve water to guests, and ready lounge chairs for optimal sun or shade. A certified lifeguard, Anastasio is also the pool’s tanning concierge—a job the hotel created this summer in partnership with a sunscreen maker.

As concierge, Anastasio must ensure pool patrons remember to turn over at designated intervals to evenly brown their front and back sides.

With his tousled brown hair and athletic frame, Anastasio resembles Tom Cruise, circa “Risky Business.” He politely introduces himself to guests when they arrive on the pool deck, 18 stories above SoHo.

Guests decide whether they’d like the teen to gently tap them on the shoulder or send a text when it’s time to turn over.


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