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EZ Money: Honk If U Want to Buy This

When times get tough, governments, just like the rest of us, start feeling between the seat cushions and rummaging around the house to see what they can sell for cash.

Greece, for example, is selling everything from its ports to its picturesque islands.

Well now, Illinois, one of many states grappling with a budget crisis, has its eye on a new revenue stream – your license plate.

The state, which already offers license plates that promote special events, organizations and sports teams for an extra fee, is considering opening up its license plates to corporations, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Here’s how it would work: Any driver that agrees to have a corporate logo on their vehicle would get a discount on their registration and, of course, the state would get cash from the company.

No doubt, some will call this selling out to Corporate America. But have you seen what people choose to put on their license plates when given the opportunity to do whatever they want? There are so many body parts, bodily functions and dumb jokes, it looks like a bunch of sixth-grade boysmade them up. At least, in this case, it’s not just for armpit fart's sake — it’s for the economy. (And hopefully to avoid paying higher taxes.)

Hey, buddy — honk if you want to buy this!

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