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Cramer: 4 Stocks to Buy Post-Debt Deal

This has been a horrendous period to own stocks thanks to the drama surrounding the debt deal, Cramer said, but he sees opportunity once the deal is done.

“Once we get the government out of the picture, you know what thrives? Individual stocks that can’t be pulled down by the S&P futures vortex,” he said. “Individual stocks that aren’t constrained by the gravitational pull of mindless ETFs or by government handouts.”

During the debt and deficit debate, stocks were traded like commodities, he said. Every time there was news or no news about a deal, stocks were pushed up or pulled down.

Once the deal is signed and stocks stop trading as "one big unhappy family in a basket," Cramer said home gamers can start buying winners.

To that end, the “Mad Money” host has four stocks on his radar that reported the best quarters last week, but were obscured by the "painful smoke and suppression fire that Washington laid down all of our stocks."

First on Cramer’s list is Starbucks . The java giant reported a 30 percent same-store sales gain in China, as well as a remarkable guide up in sales and earnings.

“The stock would have jumped up three points if so many investors hadn’t been bungee jumping from buildings in desperation over the total dearth of leadership or consensus in Washington,” Cramer said.

He also likes Whole Foods Market, which reported a “beautiful” quarter that showed a re-acceleration in earnings and sales power, and Deckers Outdoors , which “blew the doors off” when it reported Friday. He thinks DECK could hit $120.

Lastly, Chesapeake Energy announced an oil and gas discovery in Ohio, a discovery that Cramer called perhaps the biggest oil find since Prudhoe Bay. If the news had come in during a normal week, he thinks the stock would have gone through the roof.

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“If you are waiting for the all-clear sign to pick individual stocks and have it mean something again,” Cramer said, “you may soon be in the promised land. And now you know the milk and honey to buy when you get there.”

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