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From Apple Stores to Theme Parks

China has become known as the epicenter for producing a wide variety of counterfeit and bootlegged consumer products, but a trend has emerged over the past few years of faking full retail operations.

A relatively new phenomenon, these rogue counterfeit businesses are a problem for companies that are trying to establish a brand image in China’s emerging economy. While some of these operations sell actual products from the legitimate companies, many simply copy the retail format, right down to even the colors and slogans. Other forms of this type of counterfeiting have followed in the wake of major consumer trends, where illegally copying products, brands, or intellectual property of successful companies has turned into big business in China.

So, what are some examples of retail operations and major brands that have been copied in China? Click ahead to find out.

By Paul Toscano
Posted 2 Aug 2011

Photo: Paramount Pictures