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How to Win the Massachusetts State Lottery Every Three Months

Vincent Trivett, Business Insider
Powerball lottery tickets held in hand.

A group of math geniuses and gambling companies have discovered a rare quirk in the Cash WinFall lottery in Massachusetts, according to Boston Globe (via WSJ Idea Market).

At 1 in 9.26 million odds, almost nobody wins the $2 million jackpot. After three months with no big winners, the lottery expunges the fund during "rolldown weeks" by increasing the likelihood and payout for smaller prizes.

For getting five numbers out of six on a normal week, you might win $4,000. During the rolldown week, 5 out of 6 will pay out as much as $134,000. All that you need to do is buy in bulk. If you buy $100,000 of tickets, you have a 72% chance of making a profit. If you put in half a million, you are guaranteed a return.

GS Investment Strategies, a gambling company run by Gerald and Marjorie Selbee raked in at least $938,360 so far in 2011.

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