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The Debt-Ceiling Talks

The discussion over the U.S. debt ceiling had been going on for months, but an agreement wasn’t signed into law until the deadline set by the U.S. Treasury was reached.

The debate was a rollercoaster that both shifted markets and brought the fiscal discipline of Washington to the forefront. Everyone from markets, ratings agencies, government officials, and other countries urged the U.S. to find a solution to the debt-ceiling debate. For better or for worse, Congress and the president were able to reach a deal by Aug. 2 and an immediate crisis was averted.

Although many are intimately familiar with the events leading up to the signing of the debt-ceiling bill, seeing the president and members of Congress in action gives a new perspective on the talks.

Click ahead for scenes from the debt talks, in the month leading up to the compromise.

By Paul Toscano
Posted 3 Aug 2011

Photo by: Pete Souza