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Coworkers With Benefits

If a company hopes to impress potential employees and retain the ones already on board, it’s no longer enough to offer the token fitness room and free coffee in the break room.

Some employers are supersizing their benefits and perks, and hopefully this trend is here to stay. Internet startups and tech companies have been at the vanguard of the covet-worthy corporate culture since the days of the dot-com boom. The best of these sound like day camp for (semi-) grownups.

As for some of the popular new benefits, they fall into a few categories. For the elbow-benders, Miller-Coors has a pub for employees, but so does Yelp (which is rated 5 stars on Yelp.com). Company meals are another big treat—Etsy offers the locally sourced weekly meal with requisite cutesy name “Eatsy."

A major trend in workplace benefits are include health and fitness initiatives, as well as and team spirit and morale- building traditions like Friday parties and rewards for outstanding performance. Less common but still trending are pet insurance/ pet sitting, flexible hours, and working from home options.

Of course, people who work in publishing get loads of free books, airline employees get flight benefits, and so on, but we uncovered some of the less expected perks from 11 generous employers. Another tendency among these companies offering great benefits is they claim to offer great pay as well. Imagine that! Now click on ahead and prepare for some perk envy.

By Colleen KanePosted August 4, 2011

Alix Minde | PhotoAlto | Getty Images