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Flight-to-Safety? Try These Mutual Funds: Analysts

As investors flee a falling U.S. stock market, two analyst say there are still safe companies out there and the best way to buy into them is through mutual funds.

Christopher Davis, senior mutual fund analyst at Morningstar, said Jensen Portfolio has outperformed in both bad and good markets because it invests in "best of breed companies," including United Technologies, PepsiCo, and 3M.

"They won’t invest in any company that hasn’t had a return on equity below 15 percent over the past 10 years," Davis said. "They're really looking for high-quality companies."

His other fund picks are FPA Crescent , which holds bonds, cash, and stocks in a variety of areas including, health care, energy, and technology; and Manning & Napier.

Jed Laskowitz, head of distribution at JPMorgan Funds, said in the same interview that with investors fleeing stocks for bonds and gold, at "this point in the cycle it would be difficult to move into equities, yet this is the perfect time" to move into large-cap growth stocks, which he said are "very attractive right now."

His picks for mutual funds are Manning & Napier and JPMorgan's own large-cap growth fund.


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