Funny Business with Jane Wells

Diving Tips for the Next Time the Market Takes a Dive

If we have to live through another 500 point drop—and, inevitably, we will—at least we can take the dive in style.

Here's one way to do that:, where people submit photos of themselves in unusual positions just before hitting the water.

The only photo missing, given yesterday's market turmoil, is someone reading the Wall Street Journal with this morning's headline:"Stocks Nose-Dive Amid Global Fears".

The guy reading the morning paper in his bathrobe comes close.


My personal favorite, however, may be the the photo of the country clubber who's bubbly is bubbling out as he (and his portfolio) hit the water Thursday. You can even turn him into a mousepad.

If you want to play along with a market dive photo, please do! Send me a copy. I would do it myself, but after yesterday, I can no longer afford a pool. Or a copy of the Journal. Or a camera.