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10 Most Divorced States

In 2010, a study by the National Vital Statistics Report and the U.S. Census Bureau calculated the number of divorces by state. It found that married couples in Massachusetts stayed together the most, with only 1.8 marriages dissolved for every 1,000 people.

For states whose rates of divorce were the highest, some of the study's results were intriguing. Many states with high rates of divorce are in areas of the country traditionally believed to be socially conservative. A closer look at the data show, however, that that's not a determining factor in keeping most couples together.

According to the study, one of the most common reasons for divorce is financial stress. Many states with the highest rates of divorce are in areas hardest hit by the recession, and financial hardships cause divorce rates to climb. While some states have a protracted legal process that couples are required to negotiate before splitting up, some have made dissolving a union downright easy. A few of the states fitting this description appear on the list, as well.

So, what are the states with the highest rates of divorce in America? Click ahead and find out.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 8 August 2011

Jamie Grill | Getty Images