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The Social Media Buzz on the Economy

Thanks to social media, the thoughts, opinions and news shaping the markets can be found at your fingertips. With the downgrade dominating the news, I thought it would be interesting to quantify the buzz if you will. Al DiGuido, CEO of Zeta Interactive, does just that. I asked him what social media circles are all a twitter and digging on.

LL: Out of the debt ceiling, down grade or jobs, what topic has been trending the strongest?

AG: The jobs market continues to receive the most amount of volume buzz, generating 44% share of volume of these three topics, while the debt ceiling is receiving 37% of the volume share and the credit downgrade is receiving 19%.

LL: Where does the US rank in the top ten most positively buzzed about world economies ranked in order ?

AG: The US is currently capturing the highest volume of all global economies, however the tonal buzz surrounding the US economy is one of extreme concern, registering just 48% positive tonal buzz, and being associated with words such as "Concern", "Crisis", "Stock Market", "Debt Ceiling" and "Plan".

LL: What is the overall tone of the social media buzz on the US economy?

AG: Overall reaction to the recent economy is one of fear and uncertainty, with the words "not sure", "uncertain", "scary", "hope" and "fear" among the most popular being used to describe the economy.

LL: What's the buzz on President Obama's leadership during the debt ceiling, downgrade and jobs?

AG: Looking at online buzz surrounding Obama, it is evident that people consider this stage of his Presidency the most critical that he's been faced with since taking over the office. For example, among the most popular words and phrases used to describe Obama online over the past month are "challenge", "disapprove/disapproval", "critical", "crisis", "debt ceiling" and "decisions".

LL: What about Congress handling of the debt deal and downgrade? Is there a single member getting a lot of buzz on blame?

AG:  John Boehner: Buzz surrounding John Boehner is currently well ahead of Obama's from a tonal perspective, with Boehner generating a 73% positive tonal ranking—a 32% improvement over that of President Obama.

While Boehner's tonal buzz is ahead of Obama's, it seems that people are taking a wait and see approach before judging Boehner, with words such as "wait", "unsure", and "new" dominating his cluster words.

LL: What are the top ten most popular buzz words used to describe the American economy, the debt ceiling plan, and unemployment rate?

AG:  "Wait", "Unsure", "New", "Concern", "Challenge", "Disapprove", "Debt Ceiling", "Crisis", "Decisions"

A Senior Talent Producer at CNBC, and author of "Thriving in the New Economy:Lessons from Today's Top Business Minds."


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