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What's On: Volatility, Retail and Bank of America

Rebecca White|Producer

Here's what's up on Wednesday's Squawk on the Street:

--Another big line up to help make sense of this complicated, volatile and fast moving market.  There are also some key retail earnings before the bell, including Macy's and Polo Ralph Lauren, which may provide some visibility on the strength of the consumer and economy.

--And we're looking at whether the Fed is right — will the economy be weak through 2013? We'll ask the Chairman of Evercore Partners Roger Altman.

--Plus, the individual investor is getting out of this market fast. Retail investor outflows from UBS accounts totaled $1.3b on Monday, making it the second largest one-day exit since the 'Flash Crash.' Is it the right move or are individuals better off sitting tight? TD Ameritrade CEO Fredric Tomczyk our special guest.

--Then, is the gold rush just starting? We'll talk to JP Morgan's Chief Commodities Strategist Todd Gordon about his $2,500 target on the precious metal.

--Then there's Bank of America. CEO Brian Moynihan holds a conference call with angry shareholders today to answer questions about his strategy and the plummeting stock price. Be sure to vote in ou Street Poll. Should Bank of America keep Brian Moynihan as CEO? Share your opinion.


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