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Pound Slips, Swiss Franc Can't Stay Down

The Bank of England is gloomy and the Swiss franc can't stop rising - it's your daily FX Fix.

The Bank of England lowered its growth forecast, and the pound slipped. [CNBC]

The Swiss National Bank eased monetary conditions and the Swiss franc fell - but not for long. [WSJ]

Japan sold yen and eased monetary policy, and the yen slipped from extreme highs. [CNBC]

The Fed's Tuesday move helped stabilize emerging market currencies. [WSJ]

The dollar is gaining back a little ground, but traders don't expect it to last given the Fed's new policy stance. [WSJ]

Germany's Angela Merkel and her economy minister have discussed his ideas for a euro-zone stability pact, including balance-budget requirements. [WSJ]

Trying to stem the lira's fall, Turkey lowered its dollar lending rate - and the lira rose. []


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