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Tiger Woods Close To Career Low Earnings Per Round

Tiger Woods
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Tiger Woods is having an awful year.

In the six tournaments he has completed, he has finished in an average position of 23rd.

How badly is that hurting his bank account?

In order to compensate for the actual amount of work he has done over his 16-year career, we added up his on-course earnings and divided it by how many total rounds of golf he played that year.

The results?

In 2011, Tiger Woods is making $25,743 per round. The only year he has made less was his rookie year in 1996. That year, he earned $24,113 per round. That's not to say Woods played any better. His average finish for the half of a year he played was 11th, but total prize money for the PGA Tour that year was not even $70 million. This year, total prize money is $288 million.

If Woods finishes in 28th place or worse at this week's PGA Championship, he'll fall below his earnings per round from his rookie season, the only other year where he made less than $1 million.

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