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Up-Trend Is Broken, Says Carter Worth

He had been bullish, but Oppenheimer’s Carter Worth tells us something serious has happened in his charts.

Looking at the long term up-trend that had been in effect since March 2009 he says "we've broken that up-trend."

That's a problem because ”that’s what’s kept us on the long side for most of this time,” he says.

As a result the whole big picture is called into question.

Now the question becomes ”Is this a cyclical bull in a secular bear? Or is the secular bull in tact despite the damage? It’s anybody’s guess now.

Looking at the market from another angle, we had a six month advance but after the sell-off we’ve more or less unwound the entire QE2 run-up. That takes us back to pre-Jackson Hole 2010 levels.

And to make matters all the more severe “we’ve compressed all the gains in a matter of hours.”

Going forward Worth suspects that advances will probably be met with resistance.

And the technical damage likely reflects a damage to investor psychology. "I can't imagine anyone going out and saying I've got to find a mutual fund for myself," he says.

All told, we have a problem.

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