Verizon Says Equipment Sabotaged in Central NY


State police say they're investigating damage caused to Verizon equipment that disrupted service in parts of central New York, including 911 emergency calls in two counties.

Verizon Wireless
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Troopers say Verizon reported a fiber optic circuit box had been sabotaged in the Oneida County town of Deerfield either Monday or Tuesday. Police say the damaged knocked out Verizon's landline service and also knocked out cell service to the county's northern areas.

Oneida County officials say 911 calls weren't getting through in those areas or in sections of neighboring Herkimer County. An Oneida County dispatcher says the 911 system is back up and running Wednesday morning.

Lewis County Sheriff Mike Talbot tells The Associated Press that calls to his department's administration lines were disrupted Tuesday but the 911 system wasn't affected.

Verizon's 45,000 landline workers went on strike Sunday.