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Widlitz: French Shoe Maker Loses Court Battle Over Red Soles

Stacey Widlitz |Retail Consultant and Independent Analyst

The and Yves Saint Laurent have something in common. They are both continuing to embrace the color red.


Today it was announced that Christian Louboutin lost a court bid to stop YSL from selling their famous shoes with red out soles.

Back in April, Louboutin sued YSL for trying to parade the look-alike shoes as their own. While Louboutin was awarded a patent for the shoe back in 2008 a NY Judge rejected a request by Louboutin to force the halt of the YSL shoes.

Bottom line, a color trademark it seems, cannot be enforced. Sounds like Louboutin may now lose the trademark registration.

But there is a silver (not red) lining here ladies.

Believe it or not there are often shortages of the standard $795 plus shoes at the stores. I recently toyed with the idea of making such an "investment." Unfortunately they were out of my size. Turns out they would have been a better investment than my 401K. Now that YSL is officially in the game we can now all see red.

is an independent retail analyst and consultant. She has worked at UBS, SG Cowen, Fulcrum Partners and in 2005 was one of three analysts to launch the Research Department at Pali Capital, where she covered Retail and Home Video for 5 years