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Top Ad Icons of the 20th Century

Top Ad Icons of the 20th Century

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Top Ad Icons of the 20th Century

From representing frozen vegetables and packaged cake mix to fast food and automobile tires, ad icons became the personifications of businesses in the 20th century, many of which grew to become dominant brands in their fields — thanks in large part to their famous icons.

Many of the most famous ad icons were the brainchild of one agency: Chicago-based Leo Burnett Co., which specialized in building brands through the use of enormously popular characters, including the most effective icon of all time.

Click ahead to see that and the rest of the top 10 ad icons of the 20th century as compiled by and recognizing "those images that have had the most powerful resonance in the marketplace." The criteria include effectiveness, longevity, recognizability and cultural impact.

By Kirsten Chang
Posted 10 August, 2011

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