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10. Paris

Companies Present: 55.7 percent
Office Rental Cost: $1,093 per sq. meter

Paris, one of the world's major cultural centers, is one of only three Western European cities to make the list of the world's top 10 business centers. France comes in third among European countries with the most international companies present.

Paris, like its other Western counterparts, plays host to offices of many front-office business functions because of its advanced economy and high skills base. Professional services and the insurance sector have a large representation in Paris, while automobile and mining firms are the least represented. The city is home to French banking giant BNP Paribas and insurer AXA. In fact, the Paris region accounts for almost 30 percent of France's economy.

Rents for office space rose 9 percent in 2010, despite ongoing economic debt worries in France and the wider Euro region. That's because a lack of new supply pushed commercial rents higher.

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