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Rooftop Relaxation Stations

Roof decks and terraces are located several stories up or more, but they're not for looking down on people and they're not just for tanning anymore, either. Today's roof spaces and decks feature everything that was once found in a yard or inside the house, only now it's up high with a better view. We're talking cooking and fixing cocktails, entertaining and relaxing, even catching a few winks on a four-poster outdoor bed.

Roof decks are, of course, found in houses that have ocean or other scenic views, but they are also quite popular in cities where space is at a premium, and outdoor space is almost unheard of. An urban roof deck or even unfinished roof space is a major added value. Carving out living space from previously unused space in a city almost feels like cheating (and it is often illegal to use rooftops for sunbathing, barbecues, and other personal uses, which might thave a lot to do with it).

So click ahead to see some elevated eye candy, and homeowners considering buying or building an outdoor spread like the following ten examples provided by will soon find they have lots of friends in high places.

By Colleen KanePosted August 16, 2011