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11 Celebrity Foreclosures

Ever since the housing crisis began, Americans have gotten used to hearing a word that only used to apply to the very desperate: foreclosure. In the past, the word summoned to mind images of abandoned, dilapidated homes with boarded windows, a vacant porch swing, and the occasional tumbleweed.

Those days are over, and the foreclosed home in move-in condition is an increasingly common sight today. Foreclosure now seems like something that can happen to anybody, including the once rich and famous. The idea that celebrities are immune to market forces is long gone.

Many of the celebrities who went through a foreclosure were in career decline when they happened. Others have had their homes foreclosed on while they still have a popular movie in the multiplexes, or a recording that tops the Billboard charts. Fame is no longer protection from foreclosure, and neither is success.

Who are some of the celebrities who have gone through a foreclosure? Click ahead to find out.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Updated 13 October 2011

fotog | Getty Images