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Chris Tucker

Actor and comedian Chris Tucker is best known for his work in the “Rush Hour” movie franchise. He stars in the action-packed buddy comedies alongside kung fu movie star Jackie Chan, and according to BoxOfficeMojo.com, the franchise has taken in more than $500 million at the U.S. box office alone.

Tucker was paid $20 million for “Rush Hour 2” and $25 million for “Rush Hour 3,” and he took to his upgraded lifestyle with gusto. In 2007, he splurged on a 10,000-square-foot home in Florida with five bedrooms, an outdoor kitchen, and a basement decorated to look like a pirate ship, at a cost of $6 million.

On Oct. 13, 2011, People magazine reported that the mansion had gone into foreclosure. The actor’s monthly mortgage payments were almost $26,000, and he owed more than $4 million to his bank, according to papers filed in Lake County circuit court. The documents also showed an Internal Revenue Service lien on the property in the amount of $11.5 million, to collect unpaid income taxes.

David Becker | Getty Images