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President Obama's 2011 Summer Reading List Revealed

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Ann and David Le Breton preside over Edgartown Books, a thirty-year old shop in a restored whaling captain's home on Martha's Vineyard.

The pair have once again put together a summer reading for President Obama and the First Family to enjoy over the summer vacation. They then put together a gift basket of those selections and send it over to the Obama family's summer rental, the 28 acre Blue Heron Farm, an estate that costs an estimated $50,000 a week to rent.

And what books are in this highly anticipated, carefully curated basket?  Shop salesperson Arica Wolfe shared the list with us exclusively.

"The one we're really excited about is 'In the Garden of Beasts' By Erik Larson, which takes place in 1933 Berlin," Wolfe said.

"We also have some really exciting and varied list this year. President Obama has been known to stop by the store, but we always send something over to the farm early on, just in case he gets too busy. But his daughters are always here, each year, alone, most of the time, but sometimes with their parents."

Does he read any on the Nook, Kindle or iPad?

"No. These are all hard cover books, new releases" said Wolfe." "And we also included a few titles for Sasha and Malia, and even an old-fashioned tile board game, as well."

What? No downloadable gaming app? No Angry Birds or Fruit Ninjas?

"Summer is for lazy fun, not electronics. The tile game we picked is Appletters by Bananagrams,"Wolfe said.

Appletters? We'll have to wait to see if that can compete with the President's favorite - his Ipad2.

President Obama's 2011 Reading List….(thanks to Edgartown Books)

For Sasha & Malia Obama…

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