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What's On: Cramer on America's Oil Problem, Plus Housing and Gold

Rebecca White|Producer

Here's what's up on Wednesday's Squawk on the Street:

--Mad Money's Jim Cramer's is coming to us live from Killdeer, N.D., as part of his “Invest in America” series.  He's shining a light on the Bakken Shale—an oil and natural gas formation right here on U.S. soil. Find out if this could be the solution to three of the U.S.’s biggest problems—unemployment, an addiction to foreign oil and a faltering economy.

--Housing is still on our radar. Toll Brothers reports earnings. Find out if there are signs of life in the high-end homebuilding market.

--And with the Dow coming off its best gain in two weeks, we'll be speaking with investment strategist Richard Bernstein about his S&P target for the end of the year and what he expects from Fed Chief Ben Bernanke on Friday. 

We want to know if you're more optimistic on stocks now than you were last week. Share your opinion today's Street Poll.

--Plus, the oil inventory report is out at 10:30am ET sharp. We'll have the number and immediate market reaction. Then, analysis from the CEO of Gulf Oil Joe Petrowski and his take on how the situation in Libya may impact the price you pay at the pump.

--Can't forget gold. Is the stellar run done? We'll answer that and a whole lot more. Join us.


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