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A Bridal Party App for the iDos

Black and white versions of the new iPad 2.
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As we celebrate, analyze, and reflect on Steve Jobs' impact as CEO of Apple , some would argue the company's crowning achievement is the iPad.

The tablet device is killing the competition, moving beyond consumers into the enterprise area faster than any other Apple product ever.

And yet...

Maybe there are limits to the iPad.

Case in point. A woman named "Renee" did not want to miss the wedding of her friend, Jamie Wilborn, to Jonathan Alberico in Denver. But Renee couldn't make the big event. She attended anyway, via an iPad. The iPad, however, was not placed on some seat or discreet location out of the way. It was in the actual wedding.

The result is a little odd, as a groomsman bears the iPad down the aisle. He looks like he's carrying Renee's head.

Of course, it's a new generation! Attending weddings "virtually" is better than not being there at all, yes? Perhaps we will see more couples hold up iPads in wedding photos in the future, especially tech-savvy types who favor nontraditional vows, suspenders and turquoise feathers.


I may be reading between the lines, but I can't help but notice the bride's voice gets a tad high-pitched while explaining that even though Renee called dibs on being a bridesmaid "many, many moons ago...unfortunately she couldn't physically make it out here." Methinks the new Mrs. Alberico may be a little ticked. First, Renee vowed to be there a long time ago and failed to live up to her promise. Second, Renee's iPad appearance steals some of the spotlight on the bride's big day. Third, Renee didn't even have to buy a bridesmaid dress.

A warning, then, to those of you thinking Renee hit a home run—no trip, no dress, no standing in front of everyone for an hour. You don't know friction til you've seen bride-bridesmaid friction.

There's no app for that.

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