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From the Millenium Hotel

From the 40th floor of the Millenium Hilton, the World Trade Center site below me is oddly quiet. There are very few construction workers on site. The crane above Building 4 is directly across from me.

Across the Hudson River, the water has been slowly rising for the past 2 hours and appears to be only 5 feet or so below the famous Colgate Clock on the river in Jersey City.

Oddly, a huge cruise ship—the Norwegian Jewel, a 2,300 passenger ship owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines, is sailing past the World Financial Center, out into New York harbor.

Representatives of Larry Silverstein, the developer of the World Trade Center, tell me they are:

1) doing additional thorough inspections of its cocoon, hoists and tower cranes to ensure all is secured properly.

2)  inspecting the tower’s perimeter netting.

3) ensuring that all floors are totally free of debris and battening down any items that have a potential to be wind-driven. Representatives of Tishman, the contractor of the site, have also told me they are taking additional measures to make sure the cranes are properly secured.

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