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‘CNBC SportsBiz: Game On’ Is Official

It has been in the works for months and in my mind for years. Today I can finally proudly announce that my new show "CNBC SportsBiz: Game On" is a reality.

The show will air every Friday night at 7pm ET on Versus beginning next week, Sept. 9.

Over the last 11 years, the sports business reporting niche has grown, the business has gotten bigger and fans have embraced the behind-the-scenes dollars and cents of this $200 billion industry.

I feel that in my years in the business, I have made a contribution to making fans smarter through my TV segments, my blogs and my Twitter feed.

I'm glad to take the next step: Giving you 30 minutes each week, interviewing the power brokers in the sports business world and working you, the reader and the viewer in as well. We'll bring in your Twitter comments and even take a phone call if you have a strong take on a particular issue.

We'll go through the stories of the week with my sideline reporter Erin Sharoni and I'll even bring on my wife, "Mrs. SportsBiz" to make regular appearances. You can obviously count on more insiders weighing in on each show than you've ever seen.

I've had this vision for years, but there are several people who made this happen. NBC's longtime sports programming veteran Jon Miller, who had talked to me about a sports business show from the minute I joined CNBC five years ago, believed that this was a real show with an underserved market. And NBC Sports Group Chairman Mark Lazarus and CNBC President Mark Hoffman greenlighted the concept and worked on the synergy. Susan Krakower's team, the genius behind Jim Cramer's "Mad Money," convinced me that I couldn't start the show with a two-minute monologue and built a crazy set with no chair and plenty of things for me to swing.

I'll leave you with this. I don't want to think of this as my show. This will be an interactive, shared experience. Get ready to be active viewers, telling me what you want to hear and who you want to hear from.

Tune In:

CNBC SportsBiz: Game On airs Friday nights at 7pm ET on Versus beginning next week, Sept. 9.

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