Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change
Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Gainers and Decliners: Midday Round-Up

“Declaration of  Indigestion”
Source: Whitecaps

Video: Russian man touches 1,000 women's breasts for Putin (Business Insider) A new stimulus plan?

The true size of Africa (Mediaite) Coolest map we've seen in forever.

Are Traders Dumber than Drooling Dogs? (Psy-Fi Blog) Survey says: YES.

State Prosecutors to Banks: Here’s a Deal for Robo Signing Liabilities (Wall Street Cheat Sheet) But will it all go down the drain because of the FHFA lawsuit?

Border between India and Pakistan is so brightly lit it can be seen from space (Blatman) A bright orange line across the earth.

In Jobs Data, “Surprises” Mean Bad News (Nate Silver) Economists are very bad at forecasting jobs data.

Meet John F. W. Rogers, Goldman’s Quiet Power Player (Businessweek) The guy behind the guy behind the guy gets to have four initials.