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Best and Worst Stocks During President Obama's Term

American Express
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Ahead of Thursday's presidential speech on jobs, reviewed how the market has performed during President Obama's time in office.

The list below includes the best and worst performing stocks from the time the President was sworn in to office (January 20, 2009) to Wednesday's close.

The average percent gain for stocks in the S&P 500 stands at 71 percent, with a median value of 46 percent.  Companies such as, Netflix and XL Group have seen their shares rise north of 500 percent.   

Within the Dow, American Express has taken the lead, up 194 percent, while Hewlett-Packard has seen the biggest decline, down 31 percent.  All 30 Dow components have had an average gain of 38 percent and a median value of 31 percent.

Sirius XM Radio, which closed at $0.1125 per share on January 16, 2009, is the best performing stock in the NASDAQ 100, up 1,496 percent from Wednesday's close, $1.795.  The average percent gain for companies in the NASDAQ is 145 percent, with a median value of 78 percent.

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