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Euro Slides, Old-Fashioned Safe Havens Rise

Greece's problems are scaring everybody in the euro zone,  but the Bulgarians still want in - it's time for your FX Fix.

Wonder what would happen if Greece left the euro zone? Here's one take. [NYT]

But according to the OECD's Secretary-General, it's a non-issue. He tells CNBC, "Nobody's going to be leaving the euro." [CNBC]

Greece's troubles and their potential reverberations sent the euro to a seven-month low against the dollar and a ten-year low against the yen. [CNBC]

Emerging market currencies have joined the global selloff. [WSJ]

Amid the unease, investors are ditching currencies of AAA-rated countries like Canada and Australia and going for old-fashioned safe havens like dollar and yen. [WSJ]

What, me worry? Despite the current crisis, Bulgaria still wants to join the euro zone. [WSJ]


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