Healthcare 2011

Your Health, Your Dollars

Your Health, Your Dollars - A CNBC Special Report

Like many things in America these days, health care has been politicized. While the seemingly endless, and often rancorous, policy debate may strike many in Washington as worthy, health care on Main Street is generally a matter of goods and services for the majority of average Americans.

Sure, cost—meaning, affordable care—is important, but beyond the monthly payroll deduction, the annual deductible, and routine co-pay, health care is about doctors and hospitals, medicines and machines, accessibility and reliability.

This special report, Your Health, Your Dollars, focuses on the nuts and bolts, the dollars and sense of health care in terms of what that means for the system and consumers: The cost of fraud; the implementation ofdigital record keeping; how to shop for your own coverage; and how to check up on your doctor.

The composite result of polls over the past couple years show Americans deeply divided over health-care reform. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and in a democratic republic we'd like to think every opinion counts. But again, there are times when we might all agree that the one opinion that counts—and the one we'd like to trust—is that of our doctor.

Your Health, Your Dollars - A CNBC Special Report

Big issues remain to be resolved — universal care, pre-existing conditions, the solvency of medicare — but basic needs must be met along the way. So, check out our offering of stories, slideshows, polls and a quiz.