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13. Rep. Rick Berg (R.-N.D.)

Minimum net worth: $21.60 million
Change from last year: N/A

After failing to land a resident on the 50 richest congressional members list since Roll Call began its survey in 1990, North Dakota fills two places this year with Berg and Sen. John Hoeven (R).

Berg reported heavy investments in real estate, including apartment buildings and commercial properties.

Among his major assets were five commercial or apartment buildings in Fargo, N.D., and West Fargo, N.D., valued at $1 million to $5 million apiece.

While the values for some of those real estate investments have shifted since Berg filed his candidate financial disclosure in 2010, Berg’s wealth remains relatively level, increasing by less than 5 percent, or $1 million.

Published with permission from CQ Roll Call.

Source: Roll Call|| Photo: Scott J. Ferrell | CQ-Roll Call Group | Getty Images