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Will UPS Follow Cummins?

Today (Tuesday), truck engine giant Cummins   talked up their topline growth in the next five years.

That helped lift the industrials, including the transports, but if you really want to lift the transports, pay attention to UPS . They start an analyst meeting tomorrow. Will they talk up topline growth?

If so, it would be a bit of a surprise. They gave a conservative outlook on July 26, it seems unlikely that would change. However, they could do what CMI did and provide "long-term" revenue guidance.

While most of UPS revenues are in the U.S. (about 75 percent), the health of their international package business (about 22 percent of revenues) is considered a key barometer of global shipping demand.

UPS CEO Scott Davis will be on live at 2:15pm ET tomorrow (Wednesday) on CNBC.




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