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Underrated Jobs in the US

Although most people can think of prestigious or high-paying jobs, some jobs generally thought of as “normal,” or even boring, pay very well and have many great qualities that are easily overlooked, according to CareerCast.com,which developed the list.

CareerCast ranked the most underrated jobs based on a range of criteria, including low stress levels, low environmental dangers, low physical demands, and median-to-high income levels. The jobs listed here also have a lower-than-average unemployment rate. To see what types of skills are required, we’ve also included job descriptions from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

“While terms like flashy, glitzy, glamorous and prestigious aren’t typically associated with our list of underrated jobs, these careers have some great advantages that are often overlooked,” says Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast.com. “They’re professions that don’t woo people with the high salaries or notoriety, but instead have characteristics that make them especially worthy.”

So, what are 12 most underrated jobs in this economy? Click ahead to find out!

By Paul Toscano
Posted 21 Sept 2011

Source: CareerCast.com|| Photo: flashfilm | Getty Images