Two-Way Street

CNBC Moments: Wednesday's Best Interviews

Fed days pose a problem for us in terms of video shelf life. Most of the discussions, you see, are based on "what do you think the Fed will do?" So they become irrelevant after 2:15 or thereabouts, when the Fed actually says what's on its mind.

Still, it's worth taking a gander at the interview with Shawn Matthews, Cantor Fitzgerald & Co CEO, for his thoughts on the investing environment: "People are trying to look at preservation of capital as opposed today to return on capital at this point."

And you can watch this segment for ideas on how to trade the Fed move. And our Rick Santelli got alittle irate about government regulation.

HP Board Game

Also check out our "Wall Walk" on Hewlett-Packard's woes, a tie in to the leadership question that arose today.

There was also a good discussion about the possibility of Apple going into the Dow, a follow-up to a story we did on the Web site yesterday.

Of course, the "non-biz" things we throw up on the site from time to time to break up the monotony of Fedspeak and yield curves can be quite fun. Check out the panty bandits, for example.