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Whitney Tilson: I’m Growing Fatigued of Microsoft

Microsoft hiked its dividend on Wednesday but the stock responded with a big yawn.

In fact, that’s been the Microsoft story for about the past decade with no catalyst big or small really able to set shares on fire.

Top hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson had been one of Microsoft’s die hard fans but on Wednesday he revealed to us that he’s losing patience with the stock.

”We’re getting fatigued,” he said. “They took a step in the right direction with the dividend increase but they should have taken a leap in the right direction. They’re sitting on a pile of cash. They should be paying a big dividend and buying back buckets of stock.”

And that’s not his only concern.

Microsoft’s decision to only increase the dividend modestly and hold onto that pile of cash raises the possiibility that the software giant could be looking to make an acquisition.

And looking at their history with acquisitions – it could be an acquisition that investors don’t like. “They vastly overpaid for Skype,” says Tilson. “Remember the Yahoo! offer,” adds Terranova.

”They’re drowning in cash. And companies that drown in cash tend to do something dumb with it. The market rumor is that could acquire RIM and that would be collassally dumb,” Tilson says.

Is Microsoft's Dividend Too Small?

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