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Introducing Chicago Booth

Chicago Booth Team

On behalf of Chicago Booth, our team would like to thank CNBC for the opportunity to participate in this competition. The University of Chicago is recognized for its expertise in the fields of economics and finance. While one of the main schools of thought to come from Chicago Booth is the efficient market hypothesis, we realize that over the 9 weeks of this competition, efficient markets aren’t likely to yield outsized returns. Therefore we must act on a strategy to take advantage of market trends. Our team is utilizing both fundamental and technical analysis to find equities and ETFs that will outperform in different market environments, in addition to executing timely currency trades.

From a team perspective, we have a diverse set of backgrounds and various representations within the school. Our team consists of 6 Full Time MBA and 4 Part Time MBA students, who are located all over Chicago. We have come together as a team very quickly and are working in unison on the direction we see the market taking. Team work is vital to our success and we know that the best way to win is by ensuring each member expresses his ideas and vigorously defends them to arrive at appropriate conclusions.

Again, we appreciate the invitation from CNBC to compete against our rival MBA programs and look forward to demonstrating why Chicago Booth is one of the leading institutions when it comes to depth of thought and breadth of analysis in implementing both a theoretical and practical approach to economics and finance.