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What Facebook Users Hate About the New Facebook

Facebook rolled out a bunch of new changes to its user interface this week.

How'd that work out?

Well, the good news is that it spawned several new Facebook groups.

The bad news? They had names like: "We Hate the New Facebook so STOP CHANGING IT!!!" That one got more than 2 million users.

Other users took the time to Photoshop their disgust, like the one pictured above that plays off of the show "Pimp My Ride"where they notoriously would take a driver's passion and plaster it all over the car, then the host, rapper Xzibit (pictured above) would over-explain what they did.

Click here for 10 of the funniest Photoshop dissesfrom Facebook users.

Plus, click here for a one-on-one interview with Mark Zuckerberg andmore Facebook stuff than you can handle.

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